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  • If you are an Author, Retailer or Publisher of Islamic books you can use this site to display your books.
  • Publishers with out of print titles (books) can send us their out of print books and we will showcase these books on this site, this will keep your published books alive.
  •  Publishers with books that are in print can also contact us and we will consider purchasing rights to display their books.
  • This is a completely free site, operated by a Not For Profit organization and we get absolutely no financial benefit or profits from this site. The only benefit is to humanity and an effort to help others.
  • If a Publisher or an Author has any objection to a book on this site, should contact us and we will remove the book from the site. Our intentions are not to infringe any copyright material.
  • Authors who have copies of their book that is out of print should also contact us for displaying their books on our site 
  • Only peaceful Islamic books are accepted for display. 
  • For further question please contact by sending an email through the “Contact Us” page on this site.
  • Please help us in this good cause.