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  • Islamic Library goal is to index and digitalize (scan) Islamic literature in its original book format. All the digitalized (scanned) Islamic literature (books) is freely available for Muslims and Non-Muslims to read on-line or download for free without any cost or membership dues.
  • For this reason we are requesting Muslims throughout the world to co-operate and be a part of this great cause.
  • If you possess or own a rare Islamic book or a book that you do not see already listed on this site, we would like you to take the initiative of digitalizing and scanning this book. Your efforts are indeed a good deed and a donation to this site.
  • We will not accept any book that has radical, hatred, terrorist and extremist views, nor do we accept any book with Anti-Islamic (Anti-Sunni or Anti-Shia), Anti-Semitic or Anti-Christian contents.
  • First please contact us by sending an email through the “Contact Us” page on this site and tell us the name and some details about the book you would like to scan.
  • There are two ways you can achieve this task.
    • Mail us the book, we will scan the book and we will mail the book back to you (you can also donate the original paper book to our library).
    • You can scan the book yourself and send (email) us the PDF version. You may need some directions and we will guide you on how to scan your book. Poor quality scanned books will not be uploaded.
  • Do not mail or scan a book before you have first contacted us and you have the initial approval from our team. Final approval to display the book on this site is only possible after we have reviewed the text of the book you have sent. We reserve the right to disapprove any book that we have received from an outside source.
  • We make sure that the books that we are displaying on this site contain text that is in the public domain. Sometimes we are unable to display a book on our site because of copy right issues.
  • All books that we receive from an outside source are first reviewed by our Editorial Board before final approval and before site display. This ensures the quality of material is accordance to Islamic standards.
  • While the site is presently working on listing books in four major languages (English, Arabic, Urdu and Persian), we are accepting books in other languages for future display and listing.
  • If you have a manuscript (unfinished or unpublished book) that you would like us to list and display on our site, please contact us also.
  • We also accept books from Islamic publishers, Institutions (religious or academic) that would like their books listed on our site, especially the books that have been out of print.
  • If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Please join us in this good cause.